Monday, March 14, 2016

ITSY NAIL review

HEYA! Today's post is going to be in Bahasa, since the brand I'm reviewing is a local brand.

Jadi banyak banget yang nanyain tentang nail wraps (are they good, why is my nail wrap so easily peeled off, etc) jadi aku memutuskan untuk membuat review Itsy Nail, sekaligus membuat tutorialnya yang bisa kamu liat di sini: 

Saturday, March 05, 2016

Anastasia Brow Definer vs Etude House Drawing Eyebrow Swatch and Review

Hello! Today I have a comparison that I've been dying to do, since I couldn't find anyone talking about it on the internet. For this comparison, I'm going to give points for each subcategory. 
I bought the ABH Brow Definer in the color Ebony from here for IDR 350.000
My friend got me the Etude Drawing Eyebrow #6 Black from Korea, which cost IDR 50.000.

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Sunday, February 14, 2016

The Body Shop Colour Crush Mint Creme Swatch and Review

Heya guys!
I finally did a swatch on these The Body Shop Colour Crush nail polish in Mint Creme. It's a pretty blue-green pastel that I think should be a staple in every girl's nail polish collection.

By the way, I made a new logo to make my editing a little bit easier, what do you think? 

I bought these at the Body Shop counter in Emporium Pluit for IDR 99.000, and I've had this for a couple of months now but didn't have the chance to play with it until now.

For these swatches I did 3 coats and a layer of Seche Vite topcoat.

For the formula, I think it's a bit thick and kind of uneven at 2 coats so I added an extra thin layer to even it out and add topcoat for that glossy finish. I love my Seche Vite but the shrinking... OMG I'm ready to kill a man whenever I see that shrinkage near my cuticle area!

For 99.000, you get 6,8 ml of product and it's quite a reasonable price IMO.

And I added some floral patterns for KuteksJunkies challenge:

I think that's it for today, and I will see you guys soon!


Saturday, November 28, 2015

SK-II x Wings of Change Event

Oh. My. God.
That was my first response when I got the invitation to attend the SK-II Wings of Change Event held in collaboration with 

I have been a fan of SK-II ever since I could remember and I vowed to myself that I have to be successful so that I can buy SK-II for my skincare. My mom have been using SK-II products for a couple of months now and we all love the results.

Back to the event, ahem, which was held at Mall Kelapa Gading at 1 p.m., was attended by my fellow beauty enthusiast and so many other SK-II customers. As per usual, SK-II events are accompanied by free skin test using their magic tool and free consultation with the beauty consultant.

The event was targeted to introduce their limited edition holiday Facial Treatment Essence, which is soooooo pretty! (I ended up buying the red one and I. did. not. regret. it.) SK-II's FTE is one the most popular products and have been known to bring super amazing effect on the skin. This is the perfect gift you could ever give to anyone!

For 2015, they brought the theme "Wings of Change" which was symbolized with butterflies on the red and pink bottles, while the blue ones are designed with hummingbirds (that's Burung Kolibri for us Indonesians, lol.) I believe that wings of change is meant to be more about metamorphosis, symbolized by the amazing dancers in their short film collab with Mr. Tom Kwan.
Red - Boldness  
Fuchsia - Encouragement
Blue - Perseverance

Friday, September 04, 2015

Etude House Play Nails Masterpost (WARNING: Photo Heavy!)

Hello again everyone! Today I'll be talking about the Korean brand Etude House's nail polishes; which are called Play Nails.

*DISCLAIMER*: Please do not use my photos without giving credit or without my permission.
All my babies lined up and neat... I didn't have the heart to throw them back in my drawers :(

All the swatch will be applied live on this video below:

One of the problem that I found is that Etude House uses a different name for different types of nail polishes compared to the regular brands. To help you, I have a list of the 'dictionary':
  • P 페랑트 = Paint
Paint means that the color is opaque in just one coat. But in my experience, even the nail polishes labeled as P can definitely use a second coat to even out the nail polishes.
  • J 젤리 = Jelly
Jelly means that the polish needs 2-3 coats to reach opacity, and yes, their formula is actually creamy, not jelly.
  • Y 요거트 = Yoghurt
Yoghurt nails means crelly glitter, like China Glaze It's A Trap-eze.
  • G 글리터 = Glitter
Pretty self explanatory, right?
  • S 쉬머링 = Shimmer
This is where it gets confusing, Etude House provides 2 types of nail polish with the 'S' code. One is a shimmer, and another one is Syrup.
  • S 시럽  = Syrup
Syrup right here is what us normal people call 'Jelly', which means that it's sheer and squishy!
  • PG 펄글리터  = Pearl Glitter
Pearl Glitter in this context means opaque creamy nail polish that has glitters/shimmers throughout.
  • NG 네은글리터 = Neon Glitter
Neon Glitter. Pretty self explanatory.
  • H 흘로그렘 = Hologram
Another self-explanatory code.
  • L 레더 = Leather
Leather = texture. 
  • PS 펄시럽 = Pearl Syrup
Jelly polish with shimmers.
  • N 네은  =  Neon
Obviously, neon means neon.

See the swatches of my Etude Play Nail collection after the jump!