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Etude House Play Nails Masterpost (WARNING: Photo Heavy!)

Hello again everyone! Today I'll be talking about the Korean brand Etude House's nail polishes; which are called Play Nails.

*DISCLAIMER*: Please do not use my photos without giving credit or without my permission.
All my babies lined up and neat... I didn't have the heart to throw them back in my drawers :(

All the swatch will be applied live on this video below:

One of the problem that I found is that Etude House uses a different name for different types of nail polishes compared to the regular brands. To help you, I have a list of the 'dictionary':
  • P 페랑트 = Paint
Paint means that the color is opaque in just one coat. But in my experience, even the nail polishes labeled as P can definitely use a second coat to even out the nail polishes.
  • J 젤리 = Jelly
Jelly means that the polish needs 2-3 coats to reach opacity, and yes, their formula is actually creamy, not jelly.
  • Y 요거트 = Yoghurt
Yoghurt nails means crelly glitter, like China Glaze It's A Trap-eze.
  • G 글리터 = Glitter
Pretty self explanatory, right?
  • S 쉬머링 = Shimmer
This is where it gets confusing, Etude House provides 2 types of nail polish with the 'S' code. One is a shimmer, and another one is Syrup.
  • S 시럽  = Syrup
Syrup right here is what us normal people call 'Jelly', which means that it's sheer and squishy!
  • PG 펄글리터  = Pearl Glitter
Pearl Glitter in this context means opaque creamy nail polish that has glitters/shimmers throughout.
  • NG 네은글리터 = Neon Glitter
Neon Glitter. Pretty self explanatory.
  • H 흘로그렘 = Hologram
Another self-explanatory code.
  • L 레더 = Leather
Leather = texture. 
  • PS 펄시럽 = Pearl Syrup
Jelly polish with shimmers.
  • N 네은  =  Neon
Obviously, neon means neon.

See the swatches of my Etude Play Nail collection after the jump!

*Note: all the swatches are done with 2 coats of the nail polish over bare nails unless stated otherwise.

Starting from the Play Nail Daily Color (Their core collection, that consist of 130 nail polishes...) :
#44, Jelly.

#50, Syrup.

#60, Neon

#63, Pearl Syrup

#64, Paint

#68, Paint

#69, Paint

#84, Jelly

#85, Paint

#95, Jelly

#102, Glitter

#107, Shimmer

#122, Glitter
#128, Pearl Glitter

#129, Yoghurt
#130, Yoghurt
 Limited Edition Nail Glitter Collection (I forgot the official name, damn you Etude for creating too many collections!)
#147, Glitter

#150, Yoghurt

#151, Glitter
#155, Glitter
 Sweet Sweater Limited Edition (Winter 2013 collection, read more here.):
#177, Glitter

#179, Glitter

#181. It dries to a texture so it kinda looks gritty, Pearl Glitter
 I have a review for this one right here.
#182. Same texture as #181, Glitter
 Campus Runway (Summer Neon 2014 Collection):
#209, Glitter
Melting Summer Nails (Summer 2014 Collection, read more here.):

#230, Glitter

Zoom in The Zoo (Fall 2014 Collection, read more here.) :
#279, Pearl Glitter
#280, Paint
#297, Leather

#297, with 1 coat of Seche Vite topcoat
Arctic Aurora Colors Collection (Winter 2014):
#300, Hologram

#301, Shimmer

#302, Hologram

Extra 2 nail polishes that has no numbers because they were packaged as a set of 2 with a bonus of sticker/water decals:

Princess Happy Ending Belle #01

Princess Happy Ending Belle #2

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